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Unless otherwise specified, all events are free and open to everyone.  Click on the event to view more info and add to your personal calendar.

All members are encouraged to post your own meetup. Click the ADD QUICK EVENT button to add your meetup to the calendar.  Specify if the event is for moms, dads, nannies, or all.

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Use this screen to create a MEETUP. 

Please include:
* Who is invited (moms, dads, parents, nannies)
* Age range of babies
*Location (if in private home, cross streets)

The day before or day of your event, send a confirmation email to all registrants and include a description of you and/or your stroller/blanket if you are meeting at a public place.

You can edit this event after it is posted.  If you cancel your event, please remove it from the calendar.

Please only add Meetups to the calendar, no promotional events from businesses or private teachers please. Email to find out how you can let people know about school or promotional events, or if you have any other questions about posting a MEETUP.

HomeWhy Join?

Why Join?

Our members join for many reasons, the main ones being:
  • Finding excellent, locally knowledgable nannies and nanny-shares who are already plugged in to the social life and activities of the West Village and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Having a calendar full of carefully researched and up-to-date listing of free events for children and families, all conveniently located on one calendar.  Bad weather?  Quickly see what library events are available.  We also include preschool admission events on our calendar.

  • Local resources listings.  Looking for a quick and comprehensive list of the recommended pediatricians, daycares, preschools, and activity classes in the area?  We curate carefully researched and updated listings.

  • Members have access to two discussion forums.  These forums are monitored, so if you have any questions or issues, you can turn to the forum moderator for help.  

  • The PARENT TALK forum is our hive mind and the place to go to ask other parents for referrals, recommendations, announce parent-organized meet-ups, or to find or place your nanny.  We try to keep our PARENT TALK board commercial-free.

  • The CLASSIFIEDS forum is where you can buy or sell used or unwanted baby/kid/household related items, advertise your weekend house, give shoutouts to local classes and businesses, let others know about special deals or sales in the neighborhood.  This is where members can promote classes etc.
  • Want to access our old Big Tent forum filled with over 10 years of advice? Members can log in with a read-only membership.  This forum will close at the end of 2018.

  • You can select how you view the forums, either only by logging in and viewing them on the website, or you can choose to have an email digest delivered to your inbox, or have each individual message delivered to your inbox as it is posted.
  • We want to maintain a safe atmosphere—if anyone contacts your in a way you find uncomfortable, please contact a moderator immediately.
To join, click the button below and fill out an application.  After your application is reviewed, you will get an email in 1-5 days letting you know if you have been accepted.  Once you are accepted, you then pay the $35 plus a new member fee of $10 to join for one year.  At the end of the year, you are sent an email to remind you to renew.  We do NOT automatically charge you to renew.  We protect your privacy and do not share your info with 3rd parties, although we do send out occasional emails on behalf of our local sponsors.