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Unless otherwise specified, all events are free and open to everyone.  Click on the event to view more info and add to your personal calendar.

All members are encouraged to post your own meetup. Click the ADD QUICK EVENT button to add your meetup to the calendar.  Specify if the event is for moms, dads, nannies, or all.

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Use this screen to create a MEETUP. 

Please include:
* Who is invited (moms, dads, parents, nannies)
* Age range of babies
*Location (if in private home, cross streets)

The day before or day of your event, send a confirmation email to all registrants and include a description of you and/or your stroller/blanket if you are meeting at a public place.

You can edit this event after it is posted.  If you cancel your event, please remove it from the calendar.

Please only add Meetups to the calendar, no promotional events from businesses or private teachers please. Email to find out how you can let people know about school or promotional events, or if you have any other questions about posting a MEETUP.

West Village Parents has helped over 3,000 downtown New Yorkers make the transition to parenthood over the last 14 years.

In our Parent Talk forum, members trade info about exceptional local nannies, ask questions to the group mind, and share resources. You can choose to visit the forum on the website or get an email digest.

Our Classifieds board is also active with free unwanted baby items available for local pickup, or selling baby and child items.

Our Local Resources listings save you time by doing all the research and vetting for you--all the favorite, local pediatricians, daycares, preschools, and facilitator-led new mom groups are here. 

The events calendar helps keep you organized listing free summer music concerts for kids, preschool admission events, library story times, and free local special events like tree lightings and kids' concerts.

We are not a free, fast-paced Facebook group.  Our group is private, secure, moderated, and your information is not tracked by 3rd parties.  

We are open to moms and dads.  

Join us today and start making your path to parenting in the West Village and surrounding neighborhoods easier!

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We welcome parents and expecting parents living in the West Village and surrounding neighborhoods (Chelsea, Soho, Hudson Square, Greenwich Village, East Village, Union Square Gramercy, etc.)   

To join, click the button below and fill out an application and pay the $35 dues plus a new member fee of $10 to join for one year.  

At the end of the year, you are sent an email to remind you to renew.  We do NOT automatically charge you to renew.  We protect your privacy and do not share your info with 3rd parties, although we do send out occasional emails on behalf of our local sponsors.

Requirement for Membership

You must be a parent interested in joining to connect with other parents on parenting and community issues. Please do not apply to join with the intent of promoting something.

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